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Please help yourself to a virtual glass of wine and a digital nibble...

The first thing I must do is apologise for the distinctly dodgy quality of some of the photographs in this gallery. I've never claimed to be a photographer, and Stained Glass seems to be one of the most difficult things to shoot effectively.

Anyway... Here we go. Some small stuff first.

(or have a look at some bigger stuff..)
Painted Glass Green Man

A painted Green Man measuring about 14 cm across. This was based on a sketch I did of a Green Man carving in a Chapel in Oxford. It's hand painted on to green 'whispy' glass and fired so that the paint fuses onto the surface of the glass.

I've since done a number of round versions of this, with a lead border, which work well as suncatchers. Each one is totally individual. They have sold well at £30 each.
Here's one over here ........................................................................»
Stained Glass Green Man Roundel
Stained Glass Vine Leaves
This was a commission for a lady who wanted to give her parents something which they could hang on their french windows - to stop them walking into them.

 Outside the windows is a vine on a trellis, so the vine leaf motif seemed appropriate. She was delighted, and hopefully the parents are a little less bruised now!
Stained Glass Lilies
A small painted and silver stained panel of Lilies. This is free standing, resting in a couple of small hardwood blocks (the two blobs at the bottom).
Stained Glass Vesica Pisces
This hanger was commissioned as a gift. Its derived from the design for the well cover on the Chalice Well at the foot of Glastonbury Tor. The real cover was designed by Frederick Bligh Bond in 1919. This piece combines some beautiful whispy blue/green/white hand made glass with some detailed glass painting.
Vannes Painted Glass
This is the painted centre piece of a backlit panel designed to fit into a redundant fireplace. The client originally hails from Vannes in France. When she first saw the painting (having had no idea what it was that I was going to paint) she said "I recognise that! Its the port in Vannes!"
It made us both very happy!
Vannes Panel Small And this is the full panel. Each of the four corners has a painted rose, which, along with the colours of the glass, go well with the decorative style of the room.
Stained Glass Dolphin
A panel about 11 inches square, fitted into a door in a house in Devon. No painting on this one, but well liked by the client.
Stained Glass and Agate
A door panel incorporating a couple of slices of Agate. Agate adds a very interesting different dimension to a glass panel.
Blue Agate Door A small panel in our own front door. Although not that small. The slice of agate is about 14cm across - unusually big. It looks beautiful when the sun comes through it. Like an aerial shot of a Caribbean island.
May Queen A small May Queen. Many hours work for quite a little thing!