Stained Glass Title
What we've been up to, and stuff...

The most exciting event recently was an emergency repair at the famous Sudeley Castle, near Winchcombe in Gloucestershire.
We received a call a few weeks ago requesting that we go and look at some work which 'probably' needed carrying out on some of the hundreds of leaded lights at the castle. Having duly visited and advised on what needed doing, everything went quiet - probably because the weather was so foul.
And then the phone rang again. One of the windows which we had examined previously had apparently 'blown out' in the recent strong winds.
Of course we rushed up to the castle, to be presented with a plastic crate filled with shards of glass and twisted lead. The particularly unfortunate thing was that due to the inaccessability of the window (about 30 feet up and with very limited internal access), the only photographs of how it had originally looked were some very unclear shots of the badly damaged window which we had taken on the previous visit.
What we had to work with...

Playing jigsaws with the remains of the window..
So... after a few hours of playing jigsaws with the remains of the glass, as well as studying photographic evidence of other windows in the vicinity (as it turned out, this window was unique - there was nothing similar nearby), we figured out a cartoon to work to and started the re-build.
The rebuild

Rebuilding the leaded light.
We re-built the panel using antique glass and lead came which matched the original.

Soldered up

Just soldered, about to be cemented..
And then the panel had to be fitted back into the stonework. As it had to be fitted from the outside, and was worryingly far up in the air, the castle arranged for a Cherry Picker to be available. I've never seen such a huge Cherry Picker! So, duly clad in harnesses and all the necessary health and safety gear, we rose into the air and fitted the panel.

Cherry Picker

The re-built panel in place. You can see how awkward it was to get photographs!